The Benefits of Silk

Learn about the amazing benefits of sleeping with silk....

6A 100% Mulberry
Silk Pillowcases Perks

Anti-ageing – Sleeping on silk helps keep your skin’s moisture intact. Our silk pillowcases will ensure products applied to your skin and hair will remain in place.

Anti-sleep crease – Sleeping on silk reduces the amount of friction on your face reducing those morning sleep creases

Anti-bed head
– Sleeping on silk reduces the friction on your hair allowing you to wake up with less frizz

Anti-tangle / Split ends
– Sleeping on silk reduces the strain on your hair and allows its natural moisture to remain in place throughout your sleep

Hypoallergenic – some of silks properties include a natural resistance to dust mites.  Silk is natural so reduces the possibility of an allergic reaction.

Temperature Regulating - These properties draw heat away from your skin helping you sleep cool  

6A 100% Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask Perks 

Skin: Helps improve skin around eye area by retaining moisture.

Hypoallergenic: Some of silks properties include a natural resistance to dust mites. Silk is natural so reduces the possibility of an allergic reaction.

Helps you fall asleep quicker. Blocks out light and improves sleep quality by increasing your body’s production of melatonin

Great for travel: Whether on a plane or in a hotel room get a better night’s sleep away from home; its small enough to fit in your travel bag 

Eco Make-up Remover Perks

Easy: Just add water (no nasty chemicals)

Deep Clean:
Gets deep into your pores. The micro fibres allow you to remove makeup gently without scrubbing.

Reusable: Can wash up to 200 times in the washing machine. See our care page. Saves over 500 make up wipes by purchasing just one. This helps the planet, your face and your bank balance! 

*Our Eco Make Up Removers aren't silk. 

6A 100% Mulberry Silk
Skinny Scrunchie Perks 

Pony Perfect: Avoids hair kinks and ponytail crease

Delicate on your hair & anti-hair breakage

All Hair Types: 
Suitable for long, short, thick or thin hair 

Mulberry Silk Heatless Curler Perks

We all know Heat damages your hair, which can cause breakage, drying, and split ends…so it's time to ditch the hot irons Girls!....This really is a game-changer.

The beautysleephq Silk Heatless Curler is certainly a must have for your hair care routine, made from 100% mulberry silk it's incredibly smooth texture means very little friction on your hair. For gorgeous heat free waves use the Silk Heatless curler it really is the perfect way to curl your hair without the worry of causing any damage to your luscious locks. Check out our video


Beauty Sleep Redefined

Mulberry silk pillowcases provide the ultimate luxury, at a fantastic price. They’re an easy-care essential for every bedroom that will leave your skin and hair feeling soft and smooth. 


Our Customers Love Us...

"Oh my god, why haven't I heard about this before! My hair is so soft and in such good condition now thanks to the Beauty Sleep HQ Mulberry Silk Pillowcase! This is never leaving my side, can't recommend it enough! Thank you."

Jessica, Nottingham

"Treated myself to the Beauty HQ Gift Pack and I'm over the moon! My hair and skin are well in need of some love and these products are fantastic - love the grey pillowcase and the sleep masks is literally dreamy!"


"Both me and my girlfriend love our silk pillowcases and sleep masks! Feel like we're sleeping much better. My girlfriend has even ordered more as gifts. She's a big fan of the Eco Make-up Remover as well, all amazing quality."

Nathan, Manchester

I can't get over how much better my hair feels! I'm finally frizz free, and it feels amazing. Just ordered the sleep mask and Eco Make-Up remover to try as well after hearing great reviews. Such good quality products - these would be the best gifts as well!