It's Not Just a Girl Thing!

Don't worry - we haven't forgotten you, lads. Our products aren't just for girls! We're all about inclusivity, and our products are just as good for you fellas as they are for us girls.

Make sure you're getting your beauty sleep and looking after your hair, your beard and skin with our fantastic range of 6A Mulberry Silk Pillowcases, Sleep Masks, and (if you've some luscious locks!) our Scrunchies too!

The benefits are awesome….

Anti-ageing - Anti-sleep crease - Anti-bed head

Beneficial for guys with Hair transplants & Hair Replacement Systems

Will help keep your beard soft - silk is far less absorbent than a cotton pillowcase so beard oils stay on your beard, not on your pillow!

Keeps you super cool at night as silk has temperature regulating properties.